Mid 20's Saga

Mid 20’s Saga

Posted on: February 20, 2013

Hello World!
I know typical title but hey I’m here to share my story which may or may not be typical I don’t know. I have been a closed off person for many many years but thanks to college and life struggles and just fate I have learned to open up and not only share my success but share my struggles and I have never felt more gratitude and appreciation for others than when I have shared my struggles. They say don’t share your problems with everyone cause not everyone wants to see you succeed and I believe that to an extent but I guess I’m choosing the right ones or more so God is putting the right ones in my life cause I have never felt more blessed with the people I’m surrounded by or those who I choose to share my life with via gchat/twitter/facebook. I know everyone in person but college graduation has separated us and technology has kept us together.
So why am I here. I have felt so blessed opening up and sharing with my friends cause I have always been the listener. I always listened to others people problems and shared my advice or offered my own but never reciprocated and it had nothing to do with the other persons it was just I felt as that if I couldn’t even talk to the people in my own household growing up  who am I supposed to talk to. So I feel like sharing my struggles have been a blessing to me and in turn hearing my story will be a blessing in some way to others. Not a story per say but just hearing about the life of someone in their Mid 20’s.
You grow up thinking that everything you plan and want to happen in your life will and I’m not here to stifle that thinking but more so just to share my life and how things didn’t go to according to plan but that I still have fate and also believe that any and all things that happen are meant to be and that it only betters you as a person in the end. When I was younger my idea of my Mid 20’s was that I would be a college graduate with a great job, engaged/in a serious relationship, and loving life. Well the last part is certainly true. I do love life and I wouldn’t say my job is great but I like it and  I am certainly blessed to be employed. I am embracing the freedom of being a single young woman with the world as her oyster per say.
Woman are socialized into thinking that the end goal for them is a husband and kids. Even though this wasn’t really stressed in my household the messages were still received from the media and my friends who were socialized to think the same way. Now I realize that may not be my ending and the way I’m enjoying life and my freedom right now I don’t know if I ever want to make that sacrifice but if anything I have learned from graduating from college and being unemployed and enduring a grueling job search for months on end is that your wants and needs are constantly changing and you can only speak for the now and live for the now but I do advice planning for the future. Plan A is God’s plan and yours is Plan B. I’ve now lost my train of thought….oh right the point of this blog hahahaha…The Saga of my Mid 20’s.
The blog is dedicated to my friend Precious. A complete stranger that ended up being my roommate at the last-minute and now has become one of my most trusted persons. She has really helped me a lot in the past year and some and this all began because of her. She’s has really helped me to open up and I’m actually tearing up at work typing this right now cause I am so thankful and never imagined being able to open up to a complete stranger but when circumstances have you ending up living with a person you don’t know and needing to take extra classes looks like it always ends up turning out for the best which I truly believe!
Thanks for Reading!

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