Mid 20's Saga

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Posted on: February 20, 2013

So the first entry about this Saga I’m living. To beging..My life for the past 3 months has been job searching. After graduating college I worked a job with the University for a year which was a student job but somewhat fortunate circumstances allowed me to work there for an additional year. Being that it was a student job and I was no longer a student the time spent there was used to web surf…look for jobs…and do odds and ends when that position ended I was happy to say the least. I was ready to start a life, start a career, and have a change of scenery. What I got was a 3 months job search, stuck in the same college town with barely any friends and those that I do have here are still in school so their time is limited.
God has blessed me to find employment through a temp agency another thing I learned from my friend Precious. I’m excited about the position it’s a legit title with legit work and the pay is gooooood. I still want a change in location though cause I’m still in a college town and only getting older by the day but having money to spend doesn’t make my evenings that bad. So now that the job conquest has taken a turn for the better I’ve decided to enjoy life with dating and trying to get some things crossed off my bucket list while I have the money to do so. I started a blog about my dating life which in turn has been alright. My original thoughts was I would get on an online dating site and meet people and go on dates every week but it didn’t turn out like that lol but I always have the grand ideas and of course soon come to realize that things aren’t that simple but that doesn’t stop me. I’m an optimist and enthusiastic about everything not a bad way to live I say. That blog has now led into this one. So that’s where I’m at right now at the ripe young age of 24.
I feel like this blog would have been good to start during my job search struggles cause I feel like a lot of people in my age range can relate to that but I’m a person that lives moment to moment and day to day and I plan for the future and never really think about the past so I never really talk about my past but I don’t doubt that I’ll have some sort of relatable material. Still looking for a job in a city cause I grew up in a city and I don’t necessarily live in  a small college town but it is’nt Boston/Chicago/ Or New York City and that’s kind of my goal right now.





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