Mid 20's Saga

The Job Search

Posted on: March 5, 2013

So today I happen to be looking for jobs and I decide to look through the NY Times obituaries…WHY? 1. I want to live in NYC…it seems like the ideal location for someone in their Mid 20’s who loves music and loves to keep busy and most importantly have fun. 2. Wherever those people worked have at least one position open. 

Anyways so today I look and there are 4 people listed all 80+ so I’m like -_- and  one guy was listed as a nobel prize winner, clearly I’m not getting his position. Later while browsing twitter my  Alma Mater tweeted about a Nobel prize winner dying and guess where the majority of his groundbreaking work was done. Exactly! at my Alma Mater. So there may be a job for me yet!


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