Mid 20's Saga

March Madness

Posted on: March 19, 2013


March Madness has a different meaning for me. It seems like for the past several years I always meet someone in March and essentially it never works out hence why I’m always meeting people in March. Like they say why do the same thing and expect different results so fortunately I picked up on the pattern last year and was on the lookout this year. Low and behold I applied my new tactics as a go getter when I met a seemingly nice shy guy and in the beginning it was going well but I remembered to keep in mind that it was MARCH so the inevitable was to happen and it did. I noticed the texts became less frequent when I mentioned my career ambitions and future job prospects. Long distance isn’t the things now a days I guess but alas the only devastating part was that I had planned an “It’s been fun” text to respond to the text that never came. So the relevancy that comes to being in my Mid 20’s is trying to date with the end goal of a solid relationship during this life transition period. Woe is Us!


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