Mid 20's Saga


“Degrees are Out, Experience is In”

This quote is so relevant to the job industry. I applied for several jobs that had qualifications listing as such:

Master’s Degree + 1 year of experience
Bachelor’s Degree + 4 years of experience
High School Diplomas + 10 years of experience

If I started interning or working during my sophomore year of high school. I’d be in a better position to get a job now and I wouldn’t have spent “thousands” of dollars on a degree. Why I wouldn’t trade my college experience for the world. I wouldn’t say it prepares you for the job market at least not in my experience. What I have found was a great way to get that experience sooooo many jobs seek. The secret is “temp agencies” they do the work for you in finding you a position and generally you don’t need experience and you come out of it having one.

I think this is a great transition for college graduates especially those who don’t want to work in the fields they majored in. I didn’t know anything about it until my college roommate got a job through one and I decided to try and low and behold a month later I had a job. I immediately updated my resume with the current position and continued to apply to jobs and could see an immediate difference in the calls backs I was starting to get. Some positions are offered as temp to hire so it may become a permanent position if you decide that you would like to continue working with the company. So I highly recommend temp/employment agencies.

These are just my experiences as a Mid 20’s college graduate navigating this after (college) life and sharing these experiences ultimately because I know many can relate and I always find myself wanting to help others but some people in my immediate surroundings aren’t so receptive to help but there are Billions of people out there so maybe someone will stumble across this and I will have helped someone.

Thanks for reading!

“Degrees are Ou…


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