Mid 20's Saga


Posted on: March 27, 2013

So this past weekend is one of those weekends that you cherish and are memorable and can’t wait for them to come around the few times that they do, meeting up with college friends. Two of my friends from college were in town and we did the usually catching up and reminiscing and then the conversation got DEEP. *sings Deep by Blackstreet* (totally unrelated but that’s how my brain works and this is what this blog is a peek into my life but ANYWAYS lol)

My one friend posed some great questions: Why do you want companionship? What are five physical traits you want? What are five personal traits?

Why do you want companionship?: Plain and simple at this juncture in my life I just want someone to share my day with. After graduating college you and your closest friends have become  States apart. It’s would be nice to just have that friend that you can share your day with and grow with as my desire for companionship.

What are five physical traits: Yeeeeaaa…I’m not going to get into that 😉

What are five deep traits:

1. Someone who listens to me…they listen and they respond and they share..they are open about what they are feeling.

2. Someone who is motivated…they don’t settle and go after what they want in life…whatever it is that is their goal they are always working their way towards it..

3. Someone who is adventurous because I love to try new things and traveling is a part of that and I want them to be ready to suggest things as well so we can have all these adventures together.

4. A spiritual person…they don’t necessarily have to be religious but they do have to have a relationship with God

5. A leader….There’s the whole strong black woman thing and when there’s no one else around you have to be strong because that’s your only option there’s only you and it can get exhausting. I want someone who I can just relax and let take them take the reins. Let him just be like “I got us”.

As I said all of this a few revelations came to me and that was all these things I so desire are none of the traits that any of my previous crushes or interests have had and that made me realize I didn’t know what I want til I was asked or until I had that experience of dating and truly realized what I wanted.

Another revelation came when my friend asked: Do you pray to God for your companion?

I answered Yes, but after having that conversation with them I realized that I need to open up and call on God like I do my friends.

This is just the life that I’m living and sharing and hoping to reach out to those who can relate.

Thanks Again For Reading!


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