Mid 20's Saga


99 Problems

Posted on: April 3, 2013

I don’t know how to even start this off. Guess smh at Men lol at least these men.

So we’ll start with my friend J. This man asked me to pick him up from the airport on Saturday, when I asked where he was going he said LA to be on Judge Judy 0_0. The thing is if you know him and his life it’s not even that shocking but still only him.

So this man took $1300 from a woman he was let’s say “casually” dating for a couple of months. She offered the money with “no strings attached” (I’m giving the most sideways of faces right now) and of course now that he doesn’t want to “casually date” her anymore she’s suing for the money back. Now read carefully cause this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I sensed something wasn’t right with her when she didn’t really speak to me the day he introduced us but then friended me on fb the same night :-/. Good move on her part I guess cause once he blocked her she stayed lurking my page for him. Liking everything and Lord let him comment on something of mine there she was in a quick fast hurry making subcomments right underneath his and fyi my status would read something like: “Lovely day outside I’m so Happy”.

At this point I tell him not to introduce me to any woman he’s talking to unless he’s about to propose to them cause I don’t want to get caught up with no crazy women. And believe me as the months passed the crazy grew. This woman showed up to his job as this unnamed slushie place and started cursing him out and throwing slushies around (WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?) resulting in the cops being called but guess she was only following suit since her Mom did the same thing to him the week earlier that week (apple-tree-ya’ll know). He obviously ends up getting fired and that all leads to Judge Judy. As a crazy as she is I’m sure this episode will air.

Now the REAL reason behind the blog. Apparently this isn’t a theme with one man in my life but with two. The guy I’m currently dating sent me a text from his new number. So I expressed to him in my opinion, you only change your number for 2 reasons
1. You’re in trouble with the law
2. You’re being stalked by an ex

And he then revealed it was number 2. Damn I hate being right. So anyways he’s moving and has changed his number so now I’m like wtf. I find this out today before our first date and I’m not even sure I want to go anymore. I value my life and I don’t know this chick….he’s not that cute…trust.

So I say all that to say. Can guys just not detect crazy or do they really not just care apparently Sanity Ain’t Better Than Sex. Man I guess I’ll never know.

Thanks for Reading 🙂


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