Mid 20's Saga

Here are 24 things I’ve learned in these 24 years:

Posted on: April 11, 2013



So to start off this is what you would say is a guest blog except for I’m the one typing it and taking the information directly from a college classmate’s twitter account including the title (with her permission of course). These are things I learned myself but never thought to put into words. 

#24. Shit really does happen

#23 RT @RevRunWisdom: The reason people find it so hard to be happy is they see the past better than it was and the present worse than it is (guess I”m not the only borrow here)

#22 You can plan all you want, there is no guarantee for the future

#21 Please, Thank you, you’re welcome, and good morning/afternoon can take you pretty far.. Esp in the work place.

#20 Its actually ok to enjoy things YOU like even if others don’t

#19 Letting go can be a good thing (I have learned this but am still trying to apply it)

#18 Getting recognition for hard work is a great feeling nd motivation to work harder.. if that isn’t enough then payday feels just as good!

#17 Later on, you should want to laugh nd not wonder. So just go for it instead of living with that “what if”.

#16 Don’t be afraid to use your connections. They can get you somewhere! Just remember YOU have to do the work to stay in that somewhere

#15 Hug,kiss, say I love you to those  you love most (family and friends) because u don’t want to say “I wish I could of” when they are gone

#14 Spontaneity is definitely the spice of life.. Go do something unexpected. I’m sure those moments will make it to your memory bank

#13 I learned that when in doubt, I ask myself the death bed question “When I’m on my death bed will I regret that I didn’t do/say _______?”

#12 I love sleep…. sleep when you die? Ohhh plzzz medically speaking you will go insane and then probably die if you don’t sleep sooo yeah

#11 Procrastination is in us all,we just have to put our goals 1st everyday nd get excited about them. Slowly but surely things will be done

#10 U can really be your own worst enemy but you must learn to overcome those thoughts nd become your best friend. Shoot at least a frenemy

#9 Once u become that friend 2 yourself Learn to chill with yourself, be comfortable 2go2 a movie, have a drink by yourself. You’d b amazed

#8 appreciate the small things. Look up on a clear day, take a deep breath nd say 2 yourself wow I’m glad2 experience this moment in my life

#7 sometimes you get answers from God.. Its just not the ones you want. Take the signs and roll with them

#6 not everyone is out to get u but that doesnt mean you have let your guard down. Be smart, think before you speak. It might save your rep

#5 Just cuz u dont have a sponsor remember that U are your own brand. Represent urself well in every circumstance u never kno who’s watching

#4 going out of state for school was the best experience of my life. If you get a chance to go away from home for any reason, do it.

#3 Realize that YOUR decisions and what YOU decide to do with your body/life/spirit will not directly effect those acquaintances around u.

#2 I may never be fully happy but I cant give up filling that space cuz everyday I find 1thing that makes me smile nd thats close enough4now

#1 To be grateful 4 my family.As we grow we have learned 2 create a stronger tie

The one that really resonated with me and caused me to share was #20 other favs were 22,18, 11 but they are all things I’ve learned in my 24 years as well. 


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