Mid 20's Saga

“Never Fault Yourself For Wanting More”

The above quote was something I said to a former co-worker on Saturday. Why is she a former co-worker because she wanted more. Leah, her name, was hired in to my job from a temp position she held for a year or so. She was then offered a permanent position with the company, over time her hours were cut to below half time. She expressed to her supervisor that she would like to stay at our company after putting in almost 3 years plus she liked the environment but that she wanted a full-time position. After being told they would work on it for some time she finally decided to leave for a job that was full-time. She took a significant pay cut but overall she was making an upward move in responsibilities and hours. After meeting up with her this past Saturday to catch up on the new job it turned out to be nothing like the recruiter said it was going to be. It was a male chauvinistic environment and she was given the title “Executive Administrative Assistant” but in fact was a glorified personal assistant where she was expected to order/pick up breakfast and lunch and keep all 6 executives personal mini refrigerators stocked with all their favorite items. She of course was highly disappointed and embarrassed for leaving her previous job that she now wanted back and that’s when I told her “Never Fault Yourself For Wanting More”. She expressed that she wanted more and then went out to look for it and when she thought she found it she went for it. Everyone wants more but there are few who will actually go out and try to get it and there is absolutely no shame in that. Not everything is going to turn out perfectly but it matters that you try. She has that experience and now knows what to look for/ask questions the next time a recruiter comes to her about a job. I wanted to share this with my readers because my co-worker is in her Mid 20’s and her story resonated with me and I think will resonate with others. I am proud of her for knowing what she wanted and for going after it.

“Never Fault Yo…


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