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BE Proactive B.B. Proactive

Posted on: April 24, 2013

Be aggressive

Be Agressive…Be B…Agressive or at least Be Creative. With so many of us on the hunt now a days “UnEmployment rate at 7.6% in the US” OR “13.8% if you want to include those who are involuntary part-timers as well as people who want to work but have stopped looking” (statistics come from this NY Times Article, (I be reading lol)) but back to the point. 

Be Creative on this continuous search of mine for a Career I’ve learned a lot and want to share anything and everything that I found helpful. Lately I have been in talks with the HR department and some of the staff at my current job (a temp position) today they let me know of creative ways to get the attention of hiring managers. I asked these questions because I felt I came to an impasse with one company.

I had a phone interview with them and afterwards I sent the courtesy thank you email. I tweeted their careers twitter account and had a response and even a Retweet from them. I also contacted a person who recently got hired in the position I applied for on LinkedIn. I emailed the person in the HR department who had scheduled my phone interview whom I actually did receive a response from. Before taking on all these actions I had to think to myself “What’s the balance between being proactive and being impatient”. (This is where you might want to read my earlier post today C.R.U.S.H

After taking all these measures that’s when I started to talk to the HR department who said sometimes you have to be creative. For example someone sent a shoe to the hiring manager with the note “Just trying to get my foot through the door” OR just recently someone sent a box of chocolates saying “Life is a box of chocolates you never know what you’re going to get…..but you know what you’re going to get with me (so on and so forth)”. A person example shared with me was that one of my co-worker, Shannon, she sent a cover letter that was a Calendar that had the month and on the date she submitted it said “Receive Shannon’s App Very Interested”….next day said “Call Shannon for an Interview”….then the next week said “Follow-up with scheduled interview for Shannon”. So those are just creative and proactive ways to land that interview.

WARNING: We also discussed that this may not work in all situations for instance try to think of the company which you’re applying for. Creativity and Ambition may work for corporate jobs but for more traditional jobs like Education where it is more about credentials you may have to just stick with the standard Cover Letter.

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This was a great post! I got a lot of out if, considering that I am pursuing a lot of jobs in the creative, social media geared field. I will definitely adopt some innovative cover letter options in hopes of starting my dream career. Thanks Eb!

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