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Be aggressive

Be Agressive…Be B…Agressive or at least Be Creative. With so many of us on the hunt now a days “UnEmployment rate at 7.6% in the US” OR “13.8% if you want to include those who are involuntary part-timers as well as people who want to work but have stopped looking” (statistics come from this NY Times Article, (I be reading lol)) but back to the point. 

Be Creative on this continuous search of mine for a Career I’ve learned a lot and want to share anything and everything that I found helpful. Lately I have been in talks with the HR department and some of the staff at my current job (a temp position) today they let me know of creative ways to get the attention of hiring managers. I asked these questions because I felt I came to an impasse with one company.

I had a phone interview with them and afterwards I sent the courtesy thank you email. I tweeted their careers twitter account and had a response and even a Retweet from them. I also contacted a person who recently got hired in the position I applied for on LinkedIn. I emailed the person in the HR department who had scheduled my phone interview whom I actually did receive a response from. Before taking on all these actions I had to think to myself “What’s the balance between being proactive and being impatient”. (This is where you might want to read my earlier post today C.R.U.S.H

After taking all these measures that’s when I started to talk to the HR department who said sometimes you have to be creative. For example someone sent a shoe to the hiring manager with the note “Just trying to get my foot through the door” OR just recently someone sent a box of chocolates saying “Life is a box of chocolates you never know what you’re going to get…..but you know what you’re going to get with me (so on and so forth)”. A person example shared with me was that one of my co-worker, Shannon, she sent a cover letter that was a Calendar that had the month and on the date she submitted it said “Receive Shannon’s App Very Interested”….next day said “Call Shannon for an Interview”….then the next week said “Follow-up with scheduled interview for Shannon”. So those are just creative and proactive ways to land that interview.

WARNING: We also discussed that this may not work in all situations for instance try to think of the company which you’re applying for. Creativity and Ambition may work for corporate jobs but for more traditional jobs like Education where it is more about credentials you may have to just stick with the standard Cover Letter.

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Sometimes we have to be reminded of what we deserve

Thought Catalog

You should be with someone who values your time and calls when they say they are going to, who shows up on time to a date or texts you if they are going to be late. Spend your time with people who aren’t too important to look up from their phone and stop texting when you are speaking or who know not to answer unimportant calls when you are together. Someone who politely apologizes for taking that important call and knows who to pick up for. Someone who also knows that their parents and their grandparents are important in their life, too, and has a good enough relationship with their family to pick up when they call. Someone who still tells their mother or father “I love you,” even when they are in public, and who can’t wait to tell you, when the time is ready.

Date a person who…

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As I’m in this transitioning stage in my life, graduating from college and in that between phase where you finally have the time to sit down and really figure out what it is that you want out of life, which reminds me of quote I saw shared on fb the other day

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours—it is an amazing journey—and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.”—Bob Moawad

It comes once again that moment where I realize I may need to leave some people behind. This is a bittersweet feeling. 

I realize that some people don’t want to celebrate your progress because they are not seeing the same results in their lives. They are not necessarily jealous but it does suck to feel that you can’t share your happiness with someone you consider to be a friend. Some people move forward and others don’t sometimes purely from their lack of effort and you just might have to make that decision to move on without them. It’s a tough decision to make as neither one of you have done anything wrong but I just feel like if you can’t share your happiness with someone then what is there to share. 



So to start off this is what you would say is a guest blog except for I’m the one typing it and taking the information directly from a college classmate’s twitter account including the title (with her permission of course). These are things I learned myself but never thought to put into words. 

#24. Shit really does happen

#23 RT @RevRunWisdom: The reason people find it so hard to be happy is they see the past better than it was and the present worse than it is (guess I”m not the only borrow here)

#22 You can plan all you want, there is no guarantee for the future

#21 Please, Thank you, you’re welcome, and good morning/afternoon can take you pretty far.. Esp in the work place.

#20 Its actually ok to enjoy things YOU like even if others don’t

#19 Letting go can be a good thing (I have learned this but am still trying to apply it)

#18 Getting recognition for hard work is a great feeling nd motivation to work harder.. if that isn’t enough then payday feels just as good!

#17 Later on, you should want to laugh nd not wonder. So just go for it instead of living with that “what if”.

#16 Don’t be afraid to use your connections. They can get you somewhere! Just remember YOU have to do the work to stay in that somewhere

#15 Hug,kiss, say I love you to those  you love most (family and friends) because u don’t want to say “I wish I could of” when they are gone

#14 Spontaneity is definitely the spice of life.. Go do something unexpected. I’m sure those moments will make it to your memory bank

#13 I learned that when in doubt, I ask myself the death bed question “When I’m on my death bed will I regret that I didn’t do/say _______?”

#12 I love sleep…. sleep when you die? Ohhh plzzz medically speaking you will go insane and then probably die if you don’t sleep sooo yeah

#11 Procrastination is in us all,we just have to put our goals 1st everyday nd get excited about them. Slowly but surely things will be done

#10 U can really be your own worst enemy but you must learn to overcome those thoughts nd become your best friend. Shoot at least a frenemy

#9 Once u become that friend 2 yourself Learn to chill with yourself, be comfortable 2go2 a movie, have a drink by yourself. You’d b amazed

#8 appreciate the small things. Look up on a clear day, take a deep breath nd say 2 yourself wow I’m glad2 experience this moment in my life

#7 sometimes you get answers from God.. Its just not the ones you want. Take the signs and roll with them

#6 not everyone is out to get u but that doesnt mean you have let your guard down. Be smart, think before you speak. It might save your rep

#5 Just cuz u dont have a sponsor remember that U are your own brand. Represent urself well in every circumstance u never kno who’s watching

#4 going out of state for school was the best experience of my life. If you get a chance to go away from home for any reason, do it.

#3 Realize that YOUR decisions and what YOU decide to do with your body/life/spirit will not directly effect those acquaintances around u.

#2 I may never be fully happy but I cant give up filling that space cuz everyday I find 1thing that makes me smile nd thats close enough4now

#1 To be grateful 4 my family.As we grow we have learned 2 create a stronger tie

The one that really resonated with me and caused me to share was #20 other favs were 22,18, 11 but they are all things I’ve learned in my 24 years as well. 

“Never Fault Yourself For Wanting More”

The above quote was something I said to a former co-worker on Saturday. Why is she a former co-worker because she wanted more. Leah, her name, was hired in to my job from a temp position she held for a year or so. She was then offered a permanent position with the company, over time her hours were cut to below half time. She expressed to her supervisor that she would like to stay at our company after putting in almost 3 years plus she liked the environment but that she wanted a full-time position. After being told they would work on it for some time she finally decided to leave for a job that was full-time. She took a significant pay cut but overall she was making an upward move in responsibilities and hours. After meeting up with her this past Saturday to catch up on the new job it turned out to be nothing like the recruiter said it was going to be. It was a male chauvinistic environment and she was given the title “Executive Administrative Assistant” but in fact was a glorified personal assistant where she was expected to order/pick up breakfast and lunch and keep all 6 executives personal mini refrigerators stocked with all their favorite items. She of course was highly disappointed and embarrassed for leaving her previous job that she now wanted back and that’s when I told her “Never Fault Yourself For Wanting More”. She expressed that she wanted more and then went out to look for it and when she thought she found it she went for it. Everyone wants more but there are few who will actually go out and try to get it and there is absolutely no shame in that. Not everything is going to turn out perfectly but it matters that you try. She has that experience and now knows what to look for/ask questions the next time a recruiter comes to her about a job. I wanted to share this with my readers because my co-worker is in her Mid 20’s and her story resonated with me and I think will resonate with others. I am proud of her for knowing what she wanted and for going after it.

“Never Fault Yo…

“I’m Happy because I’m not Content”

I may not be where I want to be in life but just the fact that everyday I’m trying and making strides and having set backs but NEVER giving up makes me happy

“I’m Happy beca…

I don’t know how to even start this off. Guess smh at Men lol at least these men.

So we’ll start with my friend J. This man asked me to pick him up from the airport on Saturday, when I asked where he was going he said LA to be on Judge Judy 0_0. The thing is if you know him and his life it’s not even that shocking but still only him.

So this man took $1300 from a woman he was let’s say “casually” dating for a couple of months. She offered the money with “no strings attached” (I’m giving the most sideways of faces right now) and of course now that he doesn’t want to “casually date” her anymore she’s suing for the money back. Now read carefully cause this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I sensed something wasn’t right with her when she didn’t really speak to me the day he introduced us but then friended me on fb the same night :-/. Good move on her part I guess cause once he blocked her she stayed lurking my page for him. Liking everything and Lord let him comment on something of mine there she was in a quick fast hurry making subcomments right underneath his and fyi my status would read something like: “Lovely day outside I’m so Happy”.

At this point I tell him not to introduce me to any woman he’s talking to unless he’s about to propose to them cause I don’t want to get caught up with no crazy women. And believe me as the months passed the crazy grew. This woman showed up to his job as this unnamed slushie place and started cursing him out and throwing slushies around (WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?) resulting in the cops being called but guess she was only following suit since her Mom did the same thing to him the week earlier that week (apple-tree-ya’ll know). He obviously ends up getting fired and that all leads to Judge Judy. As a crazy as she is I’m sure this episode will air.

Now the REAL reason behind the blog. Apparently this isn’t a theme with one man in my life but with two. The guy I’m currently dating sent me a text from his new number. So I expressed to him in my opinion, you only change your number for 2 reasons
1. You’re in trouble with the law
2. You’re being stalked by an ex

And he then revealed it was number 2. Damn I hate being right. So anyways he’s moving and has changed his number so now I’m like wtf. I find this out today before our first date and I’m not even sure I want to go anymore. I value my life and I don’t know this chick….he’s not that cute…trust.

So I say all that to say. Can guys just not detect crazy or do they really not just care apparently Sanity Ain’t Better Than Sex. Man I guess I’ll never know.

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