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Getting “Techy” with It

Posted on: April 19, 2013

Technology……something our generation can’t imagine having. We love our phones being able to talk anywhere we go and then the text message my god Who can live without that. Email we all have a love/hate relationship with but that is the directions which the world is moving.

Gladly, it looks like HR departments and companies are moving in that direction as well. I am now in the process of interviewing for 2 positions thanks to my participation in a Virtual Career Fair.  I had never heard of a virtual career fair but it was easy determine what it was. I  saw the advertisement for it on my college career center website and immediately signed up.

Simply being able to chat with recruiters from home or in my case from work about positions you are interested in or in my case have applied for with their company was ideal. This was a chance for me to actually speak to someone about my applications that I’ve submitted so long ago but also a chance for me to learn of new companies and positions they had to offer with someone right there to chat it up with right over the computer.

The breakdown of it was the companies that were participating and each chat room hosted a company and you knew cause it was the company’s name and then there were scheduled times which they would be online. This was simply great. I literally applied to the job and were able to enter the chat room talk to a recruiter about my application and they immediately pulled it up and asked me more about why I was interested. It was a phone interview before the phone interview from there I got offer the actual phone interview.

After having such great success with the Virtual Career Fair I started to do research online because I wanted to participate in more seeing as to how this was the most progress I had in months besides going through temp agencies. Honestly, it is really about networking and speaking directly to someone. Just filling out an app on a job board seriously was getting me nowhere and up until this virtual career fair I felt as if I had exhausted all of my options in a job search.

My research proved that apparently these have been occurring for quite sometime but not in abundance and that back in March Monster.com had their own virtual career fair where you could talk to companies that advertised jobs on Monster.com. There were also sites that you could sign up for as well as companies to put you in contact with each other in a virtual chat session as well. If you are a college grad or not these are very lucrative opportunities to get your name out there and actually speak to someone. I would highly suggest searching the net for one to participate in if you are on a job search.

Next on the list of Jobs & Technology “Twitter” I recently read this article http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323820304578412741852687994.html

about how the new resume is 140 characters. I had previously been entertaining the idea of making a professional twitter when one of my friends did so but after reading this article I immediately did it. Essentially companies have their own twitter but then they have a separate twitter account just for Careers. This article states that people are getting their foot in the down one tweet at a time. Once again, NETWORKING. They stress this so much on those first day of colleges but you didn’t really know what that meant, I know I didn’t or certainly feel the importance until now. You really got to speak to someone cause at the employment rate nowadays it is definitely a small pond with a lot of fish. Being able to literally speak to someone about your interests and passions in a position are really beneficial to getting you that interview because you are not even a contender before that. Submitting resumes online there are so many computer programs that weed out resumes and those dreaded cover letters you took days to write. There are hundreds of people submitting apps online for one position so of course they have computer software to weed through them cause no one is looking at all of those apps. I doubt the person who actually ends up in the position got it through submitting an app online.

But all of this is to say. Check out these opportunities through doing what you know how to do best, communicating via technology. I know I do it everyday. I hope this helps and wish me luck that soon I’ll be blogging about life in a new city with a new job. Tons of material to come then for sure so it will be beneficial to everyone.

Thanks for Reading!


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